Video Clips
Audition Tape, March 2017 "Just Dance"
Mass Ring, March 2016 "Star Wars Medley"
Mass Ring, March 2015 "Battle Hymn"
TV Promotion Channel 4 Dec.9, 2014
Nebo Chorale and Nebo Orchestra December 2009
KUTV-Channel 2 December 2008
"Sing We Now of Christmas" Springville Art Museum December 2008
"Pirates of the Caribbean" Spring Ring March 2008
KUTV - Channel 2 TV Appearance December 2005
"Classical Gas" Spring Ring March 2006
"Modern Major General" Spring Ring March 2005
"Carol of the Bells" w/Utah Baroque Ensemble November 2006
Hour of Power Broadcast in the Crystal Cathedral June 1999

Memories of Tennille Flint
04/24/1979 - 11/6/2005
tennille photo